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Tara Scott: Procurement Specialist


Tara Scott joined the Maryland APEX Accelerator team in 2022 and brings over 15 years of experience from two federal government agencies. As a contracting officer, she possessed an unlimited
warrant which allowed her to procure minor and major acquisitions for services and goods. She collaborated with various stakeholders including program offices, OSDBUs, policy, finance offices,
and large/small businesses to meet the procurement needs of the agency.

Her passion was making sure small businesses got their fair share of procurement dollars. This passion spurred her to leave the federal contracting world to work directly with a small business, as the
Director of Contracts. Her work here afforded her the opportunity to learn the challenges small businesses faced with doing business with the government and provide tactical strategies to overcome

Ms. Scott rounds out her hands-on experience with all stakeholders in the procurement world and adds leadership roles in community organizations to continue providing invaluable solutions to routine
problems in order to execute a mission. Her positive energy, creative style of communicating things to achieve the end goal, and ability to relate to people are the qualities she brings to the APEX center.

Location:  College Park

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