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Jumpstart Your Learning with these 10 Webinars.
1. Introduction to Government Contracting


This class is designed for business owners who are new to government contracting. Have you considered the investment in time and resources your company needs to enter the government marketplace? This workshop will show you how to determine if government contracts are right for your business and will introduce you to the Maryland APEX Accelerator and how it can help you prepare for government contracting success.

2. Entity Registration Training

This class explores the basics of registering in, including walking through

a few of the required questions that might impact your business and some of the

new issues affecting registered users. You will also learn about the requirements

to keep your profile updated, including a few common misconceptions about registration.

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Business Meeting
3. How To Read & Understand A Federal
Government Solicitation

It is vital for every contractor to learn how to read and understand a government solicitation in order to compete with the best. When the government wants to buy
a good or service, it issues a solicitation. Solicitations are documents that make the government’s requirements clear so that businesses can submit competitive bids. 
In this webinar, you will learn h
ow to read and understand a federal government solicitation.
4. Capability Statements

Learn how to create a successful capability statement. You will learn to distill the information that is most important to a particular decision-maker, state it in a clear concise manner and reinforce its importance to the prospect. 

5. Maryland's Socioeconomic Procurement & Certification Programs

Watch this video by the Governor's Office of Small, Minority & Women Business Affairs and learn more about the state of Maryland's 3 Socioeconomic Procurement/Certification Programs - Small Business Reserve Program, Veteran Owned Small Business Enterprise Program, and Minority Business Enterprise Program.

6. How To Demonstrate Past Performance

The ability to demonstrate that your company has successfully completed contracts

for other agencies instills confidence in program managers, contracting officers, and other decision-makers about working with your company. In this 1 hour class, you will learn the strategies needed to demonstrate past performance.

7. Navigating eMaryland Marketplace Advantage (eMMA)

Opportunities to do business with the State are all advertised on the e-procurement platform, the eMaryland Marketplace Advantage, better known as eMMA. Vendors who want to compete in this arena must register (for free) on the system in order to receive solicitation notices, obtain detailed information on contracting opportunities, submit bids, and obtain bid results. Watch this video for an in-depth look at how to navigate this valuable tool and make it work for your company.

8. Making Contact in a Federal Agency

Are you looking to leverage your company's abilities to win new federal contracting business? It’s a well-known fact that you will win more contracts once the people that award contracts know, like, and trust you. Watch this video and learn the 4 channels for making contact inside federal agencies 

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9. Matchmaker Event Prep – You Don’t Benefit If You Don’t Prep

Don’t attend another matchmaking event without being prepared.
This webinar will discuss the necessary steps to successfully take advantage of matchmaking sessions whether virtual or in-person. Join us as we discuss the activities necessary before, during, and after the matchmaker event.

10. Six Tips for Writing Proposals Faster

There is much to be said about a thorough capture and bid-no-bid process, but companies that grow aggressively also write lots of proposals. If your goal is to submit more bids, then you must figure out how to write proposals faster.  In this webinar, you will learn six tips on how to write faster and better proposals. 

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Government Contracting Road Map

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