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Bid Match Service

Bid Match Service for Maryland
APEX Accelerator Clients only. 


(If you are not a client, sign up here first, and after your initial counseling session with a counselor, return to this page and complete the application form and payment. We cannot activate a Bid Match subscription unless you have had at least ONE counseling session.)

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Maryland APEX Accelerator's Electronic Bid Matching service will save your company valuable time and money by locating federal, state, local, and foreign bid opportunities and delivering them to you – daily by e-mail.


Get access to hundreds of opportunities that are matched against your client profile for just $150 a year. 


Some sources are as follows:



  • DLA small purchases

  • Other federal small purchases

  • Blue Tops

  • State, county, local government

  • USA Bid

  • International bids


The Maryland APEX Accelerator has purchased the right to provide this Bid Matching Service to our clients at a reduced cost. Using a detailed profile of your company’s capabilities, built by our counselors, bid matches are delivered to you daily by email. Complete the Bid Match application below to set up your profile and begin receiving bid opportunities that match your capabilities!



  1. Make your payment for a 1-year email subscription of $150 below:


  2. Download the application form here, complete and save it, then email it to

  3. Allow 5 business days for your subscription to activate. 


How long does it take to start receiving bid matches in my email?

When you submit your keywords and other search criteria on the application form, it is thoroughly reviewed by your counselor. Please allow 5 business days for your subscription to activate.  

Which government agencies does it search?

Bid Match searches federal, state, and local government websites (see above).  There are about 1,500 different websites across the United States.

Can I limit my search?

Yes. You can limit your search geographically by State to only include the states you want to search.  Additionally, you can limit it to just include state/local bids or just Federal.

Can multiple people from my company get the daily email?

Yes.  We can add as many recipients from your company as you’d like to your subscription for no additional cost.  Each will receive a daily email.

What if I want to update my search criteria?

Contact your APEX Accelerator counselor at any time to make changes to your bid match search criteria.  

What if I need help understanding how to respond to a bid notice?

Contact your counselor to set up a meeting to review a bid notice.

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