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What do federal contractors want out of the 2020 election winner?

Tom Temin: One of the things we learned in the pandemic is that, yes, government is capable of spending a lot of money on response. But the response really depended so much on contracted work. So there’s a good example of, if you’re going to have a policy that gets carried out properly, government and industry really are one entity in that sense.

David Berteau: Absolutely. I think we’ve seen a couple of real positive lessons grow out of the COVID-19 response, right. One is that government and business can collaborate and cooperate much, but it really is a better-cemented partnership, I think, recognized by all on both sides going forward. And we moved into that so quickly. And part of it was due to good leadership, OMB and the Office of Federal Procurement Policy, putting out some key memoranda right at the front end, Defense Department and GSA and other agencies doing the same thing. And then implementing those, because good ideas don’t self-implement. They’ve actually got to be implemented by thousands of contracting officers and program managers across the government, and contractors have to fill in there as well. And we saw all of that work in the response to COVID-19.

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