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SBA Tightens Enforcement of HUBZone Regulations

Source: Piliero Mazza

Government contractors maintaining or seeking HUBZone certification should make themselves aware of the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) recent efforts to tighten and enforce new and existing rules surrounding the HUBZone program. In this client alert, PilieroMazza details the SBA’s enforcement efforts and the major implications for HUBZone contractors who do not comply with program requirements.

On September 20, 2023, the SBA issued a press release announcing its plan to strengthen enforcement of HUBZone regulations. The press release, titled “U.S. Small Business Administration Acts to Safeguard Integrity of HUBZone Program,” indicates the SBA will be more diligent in overseeing the HUBZone program and eliminating firms where there is noncompliance. The SBA is taking a closer look at HUBZone-certified employees, their job descriptions, and the scope of their work to ensure compliance with the program’s requirements.

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