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Dover Aircraft Maintenance

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Walsh Construction will be bidding the Dover Aircraft Maintenance Hangar , located at Dover AFB, MD

The Work of this project includes:

The work includes construction of a new single bay, 84,176 square foot, fully enclosed fuel cell capable maintenance hangar for servicing and maintaining both C-5 & C-17 aircraft, site work, and incidental related work.

The facility shall be constructed for a 25 year life prior to major renovation and for a 50 year replacement life. The hangar bay shall be equipped with an over-the-wing air supply and exhaust system to accommodate fuel cell maintenance operations for C-5 & C-17 aircraft. The facility includes the hangar bay as well as administrative and support spaces. The hangar bay shall be classified as "low-occupancy" per UFC 4-010-01. The project shall meet requirements of Independence and Security Act 2007, Executive Order 13123, Executive Order 13514, Federal Requirements for High Performance Sustainable Buildings (HPSB)/EO 13423, ETL 08-13 and other applicable laws and executive orders. Energy conservation and environmentally safe measures shall be incorporated in this project wherever feasible, practical or required by regulation.

In accordance with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) For New Construction version 3.0, 2009 rating system. Acheiving a Silver level of certification. The Government has registered the project with USGBC.

The documents provide information on the Bid Option, which in general adds surface parking areas and lighting to the building site. Option Work includes additional pavement, pavement marking, sidewalks, and curb and gutter within the identified area. The Bid Option includes differences in sedimentation and erosion control, site grading and drainage, permanent site restoration, site lighting and other incidental items related to construction of the parking lot.

The facilities shall be constructed in accordance with AT/FP standards, Architectural Barriers Act (ABA), National Fire Protection Association Life Safety Code, Standards of Seismic Safety for Federally Owned Buildings, energy conservation standards

This is a federal project with small business subcontracting goals. Small businesses (included SDB, WOSB, HUBZoneSB, VOSB, and SDVOSB) are encouraged to participate.

Interested firms should contact the estimator listed below, for the scope of work they are interested in bidding @ 312-563-5402 or email:

Division Estimator Email Address

Lead Steve Spradau

Div. 26 -28 Tim O'Brien

Div. 3, 4, 5 Josh Deliman

Div. 2, 31-33 Matt Maiers

Div. 21-25 Kelsey Cooper

Div. 10-14 Tim Chebuske

Div. 6-9 Adam Snyder

Div. 6-9 (assist) Dave Uhlenhake

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