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Maryland APEX Accelerator Inaugural
Excellence Awards

Columbia, MD - March 27, 2024 - In celebration of the inaugural Maryland
APEX Accelerator Excellence Awards, we proudly recognize Lakeysha
Claxton of Homeland Custodial Services and Eno Nzesi of Numa
Management Associates as exemplary clients who have defied the odds
and achieved remarkable success in the realm of government contracting.

Lakeysha Claxton, the visionary CEO of Homeland Custodial Services, Inc.
based in Columbia, Maryland, embarked on a transformative journey from
former bus driver to business leader with global aspirations. Collaborating
closely with her APEX Accelerator counselor, Lakeysha devised a strategic
plan to expand her business operations overseas, particularly in Japan.
Through determination and strategic bidding, her company secured multiple contract awards valued at several million dollars with military bases in Japan and the Philippines. This triumph not only marked a significant milestone for Homeland Custodial Services but also paved the way for the creation of over 40 new job opportunities. With an ambitious annual sales forecast of $12 million for the next five years, Lakeysha's journey exemplifies resilience, vision, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Similarly, Eno Nzesi, the dynamic CEO of Numa Management Associates located in Columbia, Maryland, harnessed the resources and expertise provided by the APEX Accelerator to propel her company to unprecedented heights. Following strategic counseling sessions, Eno's team clinched the prestigious New York State-Wide Administration Services IDIQ Contract, a monumental achievement valued at $100 million. This remarkable success not only underscores Eno's leadership prowess but also positions Numa Management Associates as a trailblazer in the staffing and management services sector.

In honoring Lakeysha and Eno's remarkable achievements, we celebrate their resilience, innovation, and unwavering commitment to excellence in government contracting. Their stories serve as a testament to the transformative impact of the APEX Accelerator program and inspire us all to reach new heights of success against all odds. Congratulations and thanks to their counselor, Richard Paden.


About Maryland APEX Accelerator

The mission of the Maryland APEX Accelerator is to help position businesses registered in the state of Maryland to fully compete in federal, state, and local government procurement processes. The Program was authorized by Congress in 1985 in an effort to assist small businesses in participating in the Government Marketplace. The Maryland APEX Accelerator opened its doors in 2002 and is funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the Department of Defense and hosted by the University of Maryland in College Park. For further information please visit


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